ASUS ROG G550JX - USB Charger+

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USB Charger+

USB Charger+ allows you to quick-charge devices using your Notebook
PC’s USB 3.0 charge port with the icon.

WARNING: If your connected device overheats, remove it immediately.

Setting the quick-charge limit

By default, your Notebook PC can support quick-charging via the USB

Charger+ port while on power adapter mode.

Using the USB Charger+ settings, you can set a quick-charge limit so

you can continue quick-charging devices using the same port even

while your Notebook PC is running on battery mode.

NOTE: Some Notebook PC models support quick-charging even while on

sleep, hibernate, or shut down mode, depending on SKU.


From the taskbar on your Desktop, click



Right-click on the

icon then click Settings.

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Notebook PC E-Manual



Move the percentage slider to the left or to the

right to set the limit for charging devices.

NOTE: The default limit is set to 40% but you can set

the quick-charge limit from 20% to 99%.

4. Click

OK to save and exit.

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Notebook PC E-Manual