ASUS ROG G550JX - Power4Gear Hybrid

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power saving mode.

This option allows you to hide

the desktop icons and turns the

presentation mode on or off.

Running System

This option allows you to enable either of the following power saving

modes in your Notebook PC.

NOTE: By default, your Notebook PC is set to Performance mode.

Performance mode

Use this mode when doing high-performance activities like playing

games or conducting business presentations using your Notebook PC.

Battery Saving mode

This mode extends your Notebook PC’s battery life while plugged in to

the power adapter or while running on battery power only.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

System in Sleep

This option allows you to enable or disable either of the following sleep


Instant On

This mode is default-enabled in your Notebook PC. It allows the system

to return to its last working state even after your Notebook PC has

entered into sleep mode.

Move this slider to switch between

Instant On or Long Standby Time.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Long Standby Time

This mode allows your Notebook PC’s battery to last for up to sixty-nine

(69) days or more. When enabled, the Notebook PC returns to its last

working state in as fast as seven seconds, four hours after entering into

deep sleep mode.

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Notebook PC E-Manual