ASUS ROG G550JX - ASUS Instant Key Menu

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ASUS Instant Key Menu

The ASUS Instant Key Menu allows you to configure the preset function

of your Instant key button.

Launching the ASUS Instant Key Menu

Press and hold the Instant key button to launch the ASUS Instant Key


Available Presets

You can configure the Instant key button as a preset for any of the

following functions:



Volume Fader

Turns the volume up/down or puts it in mute


Instant App

Launches your frequently-used application

Instant Web

Launches your favorite website

Splendid Preset

Enhances your screens’ background color

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Video Magic
Launches Video Magic for video playback, editing,

and format conversion

Countdown Timer
Launches a countdown timer for sleep, shut down,

or hibernate

Touchpad Lock

Allows you to enable or disable the touchpad

Output Display Selector

Allows you to switch between using your

Notebook PC’s display panel, an external monitor,

or a duplicate monitor

Wireless Connectivity

Enables or disables your Notebook PC’s Bluetooth

and Wi-Fi connectivity

Media Control

Launches the Windows® Media Center and allows

you to play a selected media file or pause a

currently playing media file

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Notebook PC E-Manual

Creating presets for your Instant key

By default, quickly pressing the Instant key launches the ASUS Console

app. To switch to another preset, refer to the following steps:

Tap*/click on these arrows to

see the available presets.



Press and hold the Instant Key button until the

ASUS Instant Key Menu appears.


Select the preset you want by tapping*/clicking its

icon on the ASUS Instant Key Menu screen then, if

available, configure its settings according to your



3. Tap*/click

Apply to save the selected preset then

click OK to exit the ASUS Instant Key Menu window.


Press then quickly release the Instant Key button to

use the preset you configured.

* on selected models only

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Notebook PC E-Manual