ASUS ROG G550JX - UL Safety Notices

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UL Safety Notices

Required for UL 1459 covering telecommunications (telephone) equipment

intended to be electrically connected to a telecommunication network that has an

operating voltage to ground that does not exceed 200V peak, 300V peak-to-peak,

and 105V rms, and installed or used in accordance with the National Electrical

Code (NFPA 70).

When using the Notebook PC modem, basic safety precautions should always be

followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including

the following:

DO NOT use the Notebook PC near water, for example, near a bath tub,

wash bowl, kitchen sink or laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a

swimming pool.

DO NOT use the Notebook PC during an electrical storm. There may be a

remote risk of electric shock from lightning.

DO NOT use the Notebook PC in the vicinity of a gas leak.

Required for UL 1642 covering primary (nonrechargeable) and secondary

(rechargeable) lithium batteries for use as power sources in products. These

batteries contain metallic lithium, or a lithium alloy, or a lithium ion, and may

consist of a single electrochemical cell or two or more cells connected in series,

parallel, or both, that convert chemical energy into electrical energy by an

irreversible or reversible chemical reaction.

Do not dispose the Notebook PC battery pack in a fire, as they may

explode. Check with local codes for possible special disposal instructions

to reduce the risk of injury to persons due to fire or explosion.

Do not use power adapters or batteries from other devices to reduce the

risk of injury to persons due to fire or explosion. Use only UL certified

power adapters or batteries supplied by the manufacturer or authorized


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