ASUS ROG G550JX - About this manual

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About this manual

This manual provides information about the hardware and software

features of your Notebook PC, organized through the following


Chapter 1: Hardware Setup

This chapter details the hardware components of your Notebook


Chapter 2: Using your Notebook PC

This chapter shows you how to use the different parts of your

Notebook PC.

Chapter 3: Working with Windows® 8

This chapter provides an overview of using Windows® 8 in your

Notebook PC.

Chapter 4: ASUS Apps

This chapter features the ASUS apps included with your Notebook

PC’s Windows® 8 operating system.

Chapter 5: Power-on Self-test (POST)

This chapter shows you how to use POST to change the settings

of your Notebook PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section shows hardware and software FAQs you can refer to

for fixing common issues or problems with your Notebook PC.


This section includes notices and safety statements for your

Notebook PC.

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Notebook PC E-Manual